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Renovation and expansion of Ofer prison


:the project's description            

Expansion of the prison facilities in Ofer prison by 480 inmate beds,

2 incarceration wings (44 cells in each wing), isolation wing (11 cells) and a front guard complex (20 cells) that include rest rooms, meeting rooms and showers for the guards on duty. Regarding the organization of the administration area in Ofer prison, the construction of new buildings:

  • faculty residence

  • Synagogue.

  • Studio for Krav Maga.

  • logistics.

  • laundry building.

  • House inspection complex (maintenance building).

  • Auditorium.

  • club.

  • canteen.

  • Meeting room structure.

  • computers laboratory.

  • offices.

Performance period: 2021-2022.

Budget scope: 130,000,000 NIS.

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