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Be'er Ya'akov

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:the project's description             

The company managed the planning and supervision of a variety of projects throughout the city of Beer Ya'akov,

and among them:

  • Restoration and upgrade of a municipal pool (infant + Olympic) - work in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, upgrading of machine room and balance tanks, renovation and development works in service buildings and wet room. Performed in 2022

  • 'Beit Ha'am' Library, building for conservation - planning according to conservation guidelines, renovation of the building, accessibility works, plumbing works and development. Not yet done, waiting for a successful contractor according to the tender during the year 2023.

  • Renovation of an urban community center - renovation and accessibility works in the interior of the building, upgrading of ballrooms, restoration of concrete and plaster on the facades of the building, new sealing works for the roof of the building, development works. Completion of detailed planning, expected to be completed in 2023

  • Construction of an acoustic wall along the route between residential buildings and the Israel Railway, approximately 400 meters long, in accordance with a court decision. Preliminary planning has been carried out, comprehensive execution planning will be by a winning contractor in accordance with the tender that will be distributed.

  • Complex 3 planning - not yet started

  • Shchap Planning, Hydepark

  • Renovation of a men's pool - general renovation works including accessibility, restoration of dipping pools, development works. Completion of detailed planning, execution will be by a winning contractor during 2023.

Execution period: 2022-2030 (estimated completion year for all projects).

Budget scope: 950,000,000 million NIS.

Area: 700 dunams


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