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Establishment of the Intelligence Campus

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:the project's description             


The Intelligence Campus project is a project to transfer the various units of the Intelligence Corps to the Negev, and it is part of the national process of relocating the IDF's technological units to the Negev.

This project is unique in its scope, complexity and national strategic importance to the State of Israel. Tal-Assaf was selected to manage planning and engineering coordination for Ministry of Defence flagship project.

The project is a PPP project and as a result the management of the engineering writing is performed using the PFI method.

Integration between 36 engineering offices and the characterization of the units for the transfer of the Intelligence Corps to the Negev.

Period of preparation of the tender and contract: 2016-2020, expected to be completed in about 6 years.

Budget scope: 4.5 billion NIS.

Area: 2,600 dunams, 40,000 square meters of residential construction, 400,000 square meters of construction for employment.

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