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Bank "Leumi"

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:the project's description            


The company managed the planning and supervision of a number of "Bank Leumi" branches throughout the country. Among them:

  • Even Gvirol branch-Tel Aviv-Yafo

  • Am Hamoshavot branch - Petah Tikva

  • Gordon Branch-Tel Aviv-Yafo

  • Bitan Aharon-Emek Hefer branch

  • Netivot-Netivot branch

  • Netanya-Netanya branch

  • Rosh HaAyin branch - Rosh HaAyin

  • Rehovot-Rehovot Business Branch

  • Talpiot-Jerusalem branch

  • Kafr Qassem branch - Kafr Qassem

Period of execution: Between the years: 2013-2015.

The budget scope of each branch is estimated at 2.5-3 million NIS.

The construction of the branches is in an innovative concept that includes:

  • High ceilings between 5 meter and 6 meter.

  • Making glass walls in one piece to a height of 5 meter.

  • Execution of glass coating with films to a height of 5 meter - 6 meter.

  • Performing fire-protected interior signage and illuminated outdoor signage.

  • A smart combination of lighting, computing and multimedia systems.

  • Execution of electrical, communication, air conditioning and protection systems.

  • Execution of fire detection systems and fire extinguishing system by sprinklers.

  • Custom furniture.

  • A combination of finishing materials such as aluminum, parquet and glass.

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