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The company's vision

Tal Asaf will continue to be one of the leading companies in the country in the fields of management and planning of construction and infrastructure projects for the public sector and the private sector.

The company places emphasis on devout customer relationships, forming a team of company employees while creating a supportive and comfortable work environment that enables compliance with excellence and reliability.

The company will continue to develop the BIM field while assimilating the technology throughout the phases of the project.

Service Level Agreement

Tal Asaf is committed to providing the highest quality service and product while meeting project schedules and budgets.

  • Transparency, cooperation with the customer, customer satisfaction, knowledge and creative solutions, professionalism and professionalism.

  • "Value creation" - a skilled, professional and dedicated staff with extensive experience and knowledge in providing creative and advanced solutions.

  • "Value engineering". Adapting the engineering design to the capabilities of the operating contractor while creating a joint "WIN-WIN" profit for both parties (the client and the contractor).

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company profile

Tal-Asaf Project Management and Planning Ltd. was established in 1996 and since then has been a leading company in the field of project management for the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Defense and the various IDF bodies, municipalities, corporations and private companies.

The company employs project managers, engineers and practical engineers and engaged in project management, supervision, planning coordination, characterization, construction planning, tenders, international project management and consulting in all areas of civil engineering.

The company has extensive experience in Israel (including in the field of security) and abroad (Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and the USA), including the establishment of 2 hotels in eastern Nigeria.

The planning and execution of the projects is done using the BIM methodology in accordance with international standards. The company has an inherent BIM department. The BIM department works in collaboration with managers The projects in the company while integrating all the building systems. This process improves and streamlines the planning and execution procedures, leads to significant savings in project costs and contributes to shortening schedules.

The company accompanies the project from the initial initiation and planning stages to its maintenance and operation after its completion. The company is committed to effective quality control, overall responsibility, adherence to schedules and efficient management of projects, in order to provide customers with quality, uncompromising professionalism and advanced technological solutions.

The company has been certified by the Israeli Standards Institute for the Israeli Standard and the International Standard 2000: 9001 ISO.

The company received a premium reliability seal from Dun & Bradstreet Israel. 

Tal Asaf CEO, holds two degrees from the Technion: B.Sc. Civil Engineer - Civil Engineer, specializing in construction and roads and M.Sc. in Construction Management. He has extensive experience in managing engineering projects with a budget of hundreds of millions NIS He performed his military service at the IDF Construction Center. Holds the rank of Lt. Col. in Res.

He also lectures in various forums on construction and infrastructure.

Certificates in his possession:

  • Certified selector certificate from the Association of Engineers.

  • Certificate of Internship in NAP 38.

  • Qualified QC quality (control) on behalf of the U.S. Engineering Corps.

  • RICS Certified Clerk Certificate.

  • Certification certificate Supervision of infrastructure works in the field of sewage and water.

  • Home Front Command Protection Control Certification Certificate.

  • Certificate of registration in the register of engineers.

The company's CEO -
Eran MOalem
Using the BIM methodology

One of the most significant changes that the construction and planning industry in Israel has undergone in the last decade is an intensive transition to work in accordance with the BIM methodology. This process has already taken place in most Western countries (and not only). Today, with some delay but with speed and perseverance, the construction industry in Israel is closing the gaps and aligning itself with the most advanced technologies.

All this happens mainly thanks to the recognition on the ground of the impressive capabilities of the BIM methodology at all stages of the construction process - from initial planning to the process of use over the years.

Building Information Modeling-BIM is a methodology for planning and managing an informative model of the project and its role is very similar to the role of the project manager. BIM integrates various disciplines through effective communication, analyzes all systems in the project, estimates costs and execution times and at all times provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of the project.

The BIM model serves all the parties involved in the project - developers, planners, contractors, project managers, maintenance personnel.


Advantages of using the BIM methodology:

· Significant improvement in communication and cooperation between all the teams involved in the project.

Increasing the efficiency of the planning process.

· Lowering the total costs of the project.

· Quick and effective detection of collisions.

· Risk reduction.

Shortening project schedules and reducing errors in the execution phase.

· Accurate cost estimation with minimal deviation percentages.

· High level of control and an accurate snapshot at all stages of the project.

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